Some of the best books I read on current affairs, science, technology, and others

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During the period of the pandemic, I got very close to non-fiction books, which quickly managed to become one of the literary genres I am most passionate about. I like knowing I can assimilate new knowledge and even new skills by doing one of my favorite things to do: reading

Some books that can improve your leadership, management, and entrepreneurial skills

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As I have already said in many other posts, my favorite literary genre has always been biography/autobiography, it is this genre that brought me closer to reading and that has made books, fortunately, an integral part of my life.

I have always read biographies of highly successful people, this is…

A list of classic novels that have made novels my favorite literary genre

In recent months I have become very passionate about reading novels, before I was mainly focused on autobiographical books and scientific texts, but I admit that reading novels has fascinated me a lot.

For this reason, I have decided to list some novels that I have read in these and…

A list of the best biographies I have read that I am sure you will like

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Of all the literary genres I have read, the autobiographical and biographical ones remain and will always remain my favorites, so much so that my passion for reading was born from this literary genre.

I love the idea of knowing the life and secrets of the most successful people in…

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Best Courses on Coursera to Learn How to Programming

Coursera is one of the best platforms where you can learn both computer science in general and in all its aspects and programming, from the most basic to complex concepts.

The goal of this list is to list the best programming courses that are featured on Coursera

Python for Everybody

This specialization introduces…

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Edx is one of the biggest and best online platforms where you can learn tons of new skills and competencies of any genre and topic.

This list aims to list some of the best courses on programming and computer science in general that are featured on this popular platform.

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science


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